Divorced Catholic Dads

Welcome to the Divorced Christian Dads web site. This site is meant to serve as a resource for men who have found themselves facing divorce, going through a divorce or are divorced, though they do not believe in it, that it is God’s intent for marriage, and did not want to be divorced. It may serve others as well, but the author’s perspective is of the former circumstance. In particular, this web site is written from the Catholic perspective but the message is universal for all Christian men at a minimum. And perhaps it may be useful for all men of mono-theistic faiths who have the God of Abraham as their root.

The emotional, psychological, physical, financial, relational and family challenges of divorce are well known and written about. This web site is not intended to primarily address any of those aspect – or even how to prevent divorce, etc. All those topics may come up, but they are not the intent.

As I looked for resources and help as I was going through the divorce, what I discovered was shocking. There are no resources that I could identify that specifically addressed the spiritual aspects of divorce – how to navigate the storm and devastation of divorce from a spiritual perspective. For me – how does God want me to navigate this trial that is being imposed from outside myself?

What I have come to know as one who has recently gone through it is that divorce presents the man – dad – with an opportunity to grow spiritually in ways I could have never known otherwise.  Let me be clear: I do not believe God condones divorce in any fashion, for any reason. But when it is imposed on a dad from outside, then those circumstances are not controllable, and so a dad must walk a path that is extraordinarily difficult. Only Jesus Christ can give us the Way to walk this path.

So this web site is meant to serve those dads who are trying to navigate the divorce path from a spiritual perspective – a Christian perspective. While it may sound perverse, I do honestly believe that divorce, when imposed from outside ourselves, presents a magnificent opportunity to grow spiritually – to follow the example of Jesus Christ in our suffering and the love we show others. It presents us with extraordinarily difficult spiritual challenge. And I do believe that any Christian man experiencing divorce can be easy prey for Satan and all the evil the world has to lure him with.

Let me disclaim from the outset that any insights I have are more from failure than success. I did not and am not ‘doing it right’ but I tried and am trying – and growing spiritually because of it. I do take comfort that Jesus fell three times under the weight of his cross – but He got up 3 times and went on.

Please explore this web site and use the contact us page if you have questions or suggestions.

God Bless you on your difficult journey – you are truly in my heart and prayers as I petition Heaven daily on your behalf.


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