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Mar 16

When a wife leaves for another woman – Another Story

My friends, it seems that Jose’s story is not unique, as the dialogue with Bill below shows.  In this case, his wife has not left physically, but in every other way.  Unfortunately for him and the children, I suspect that the damage is worse because of it, as they have been living a lie for …

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Mar 15

When a wife leaves for another woman

Dear readers, I have been having an on-going dialogue with Jose in Texas via email, as he used the ‘Contact Us’ page instead of commenting on one of the posts.  I have asked his permission to post our dialogue, and he has granted it.  Following is that dialogue: ——————————————- Name: Jose ——————————————– Comments: I would …

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Nov 15

Loneliness and Aloneness

Being a single divorced Catholic dad can be a very lonely experience.  For me, that would be an understatement of a lifetime.  It has been exceedingly lonely.  Painfully lonely.  The closest family is 1500 miles away in terms of brothers and sisters or other relatives.  And though my daughter and family are 2 hours away, …

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Dec 16

What to do with the pain

Divorce causes pain.  Lots of pain.  Long, drawn out pain.  Emotional and psychological pain.  Blinding pain.  Depressing pain.  Pain without seeming remedy.  More pain than I have experienced in any other way.  As I have said before, I think the worst scourge on the face of the earth is abortion – killing the innocents for …

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Dec 12

Psychology, therapy and the role of grace

A Catholic coworker who recently went through a divorce was telling me that his wife who had been to lots of therapists before, during and after their divorce was pressuring her adult 19 year old daughter to go to a therapist to deal with ‘potential’ issues arising from their divorce.  She wanted the ex-husband to …

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Sep 01

A story of financial infidelity

A reader of the web site and blog sent me the email below.  I attempted to reply to him, but the email was incorrect and I was unable to reach him for permission to move the discussion to the blog.  However, I thought it was a story readers would benefit from, so I have changed his name …

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Aug 11

The issue of annulment

A non-Catholic friend of mine was asking me about the Church and annulments today when we got around to the topic of each of our love lives.   He is also divorced.  I told him that while I had lots of opportunities to entertain one, I had decided to avoid even entertaining the notion in the …

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Aug 11


Thanks for coming to our blog. Look here for future posts to Divorced Catholic Dads.  I sincerely hope that what you find on this web site is useful to your spiritual walk in the most difficult experience.  Please let me know what you think about the blog and the site.  And how I can improve …

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